Single A

with Private shower and bathroom (indoor window)

Private room (1 guest)
Rooms available
*Reservation Fee(Down Payment): 100USD (Fixed due to currency rate and paypal transaction fee)
                                                       or 100,000KRW (If you are making direct bank transfer) per room.
** If you wish to cancel the booking after booking confirmation, please note that the reservation fee will not be refunded.
1. Rent / Deposit : 450,000 KRW / 30,000KRW (Rent including: Wi-Fi, Electricity, Gas, Water)
2. Required Stay : MIN 1 month
3. Specification : Window to corridor. Fully equipped. Shared kitchen with kitchen utensils. Free washing machine use. 


Single bed

Desk and Chair

Private bathroom

Personal Refrigerator

Wi-Fi provided


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